27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

May 26-29, 2020
Fieramilano Rho fairgrounds, Milan, Italy

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Via Casalpiano, 9
Tel: 0039-0577-634011 - Fax: 0039-0577-634080
Website: www.makor.it
Email: makor@makor.it


Hall: 3 Stand: E11 F20

Production codes

02.07.01 Single−end profilers / sizing machines for non−flat parts, e.g. scantlings
02.07.02 Single−end profilers / sizing machines for flat parts, e.g. panels
02.07.03 Double−end profilers / sizing machines for non−flat parts, e.g. scantlings
02.07.04 Double−end profilers / sizing machines for flat parts, e.g. panels
02.16.09 Sanders for curved and moulded components
02.16.10 Sanders for intermediate lacquer sanding Single-end profile sanders Double-end profile sanders
03.01.06 Rotation spraying systems
11.99.09 Machines and plants for coffins
80.01.05 General contractors for furniture production plants
80.01.01 General contractors for saw mills
80.01.07 General contractors for plants for manufacturing of wooden construction elements (windows, facades, etc.)
03.01.08 Curtain coaters
03.01.09 Roller coaters
03.01.11 Dipping equipment
03.01.13 Edge coating systems
03.01.16 Lacquer drying and curing lines
03.01.17 Conveyers for lacquering plants
03.02.02 Plaster coating machines
03.02.03 Engraving and coating machines on wood and with wood pulp
04.03.03 Packaging machines for boards, custom sized boards, etc.
03.01.10 Vacuum coaters
01.03.05 Impregnating plants Laminate and film clippers
02.02.06 Machines for the application of protective films
02.04.01 Surface planers Laminate and film cutting machines with roller shear knives
02.02.01 Brushing and cleaning machines for workpieces
02.02.07 Gilding machines for hot application of gold foil
02.04.16 Double-sided CNC moulding (and sanding) machines for contoured parts
02.04.19 Lip trimmers
02.04.18 Rod moulders
02.20.02 Machining centres for edge-banding

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