27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

May 26-29, 2020
Fieramilano Rho fairgrounds, Milan, Italy

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Via Delle Groane, 15
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Hall: 3 Stand: Q01 R10

Production codes Sliced veneer guillotines Peeled veneer clippers
01.05.04 Cycle presses for laminates (e.g. HPL)
01.05.05 Continuous-type presses for laminates (e.g. CPL) Laminate and film clippers
01.06.04 Core stock gluing machines (cutting to length, gluing, pressing, etc.)
01.06.05 Glue spreaders for veneers and boards
01.06.06 Block presses for plywood and laminated veneer lumber
01.06.07 Plywood presses for flat surfaces
01.06.09 Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport for plywood plants
01.06.10 Conveying and storage equipment for plywood plants Cycle pre-presses Continuous pre-presses Multi-daylight presses Single daylight presses Continuous-type presses
01.07.17 Panel edging machines
01.07.18 Running cross-cut saws
01.07.19 Cooling stations
01.07.20 Sanding lines
01.07.21 Panel dividing machines
01.07.22 Warehousing, handling, commissioning equipment for panels
01.07.23 Packaging equipment for panels
01.08.03 Machines for core composition
01.08.04 Presses for lightweight boards / sandwich elements production
01.09.01 Presses for moulded parts of particles, fibres and other materials
01.09.02 Presses for contoured surfaces and mouldings of plywood or other laminates
02.01.01 Veneer ironing presses Single knife veneer pack shears
02.02.01 Brushing and cleaning machines for workpieces
02.02.02 Glue spreaders for boards / veneers
02.02.03 Mechanical feeding, storing and laying systems for coating materials Hand-fed cycle presses Mechanised fed cycle presses / short-cycle presses Block cycle presses for laminating Cycle presses for laminating of moulded parts Membrane presses Double-band presses
02.02.09 Equipment for loading, offloading and conveying of laminated parts
02.02.10 Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport
02.02.11 Fleece backing machines for veneer and synthetic coating material
02.04.08 Three- and four-side planers
02.04.09 Moulding machines for three-and four-side machining
02.11.03 Carcass presses / gluing stations for cross-folding
02.18.01 Bending machines
02.22.01 Vertical edge joint gluing machines
02.22.02 Continuous feed edge joint gluing presses for boards and scantlings
02.22.03 Core composer / board gluing machines
02.22.04 Laminated timber presses / clamps for construction timber, glulam, etc.
02.23.02 Frame clamps
02.24.01 Punch presses for mitres
02.24.02 Punch presses for muntin bars
02.24.99 Punch presses; other
03.02.03 Engraving and coating machines on wood and with wood pulp
03.02.99 Machines and equipment for coating with solid material; other
04.01.01 Pre-assembly lines for furniture parts Carcass clamps
04.01.03 Final assembly work stations for furniture parts, carcass furniture
04.01.04 Final assembly lines for furniture
05.01.03 Lifting tables
05.01.05 Vacuum lifting equipment
05.01.06 Infeed units
05.01.07 Outfeed and stacking units
05.01.08 Board turning stations
05.01.09 Angle transfer stations
05.01.10 Cross conveyors
05.01.11 Reverse conveyors Driven roller conveyors Undriven roller conveyors
05.01.13 Belt conveyors
05.01.14 Overhead conveyors
05.01.15 Transport trolleys, shelf trolleys, etc.
05.01.16 Commissioning trolleys, commissioning containers
05.01.17 Roller stands
05.01.18 Feeding units for joiners machines (surface planers, single-spindle moulders etc.) Specialised materials handling technology; other
06.01 Robots for handling, feeding and palleting, etc.
10.02 High frequency technology Machines for windows and facades; other
11.01.02 Machines and plants for doors and frames Trimming lines Special machines for carpenters and building industry
11.01.05 Machines and equipment for glue laminated timber / glulam construction
11.01.06 Machines and equipment for timber flooring / parquetry
11.01.07 Machines and equipment for laminate floorings
11.01.08 Machines and equipment for stair construction
11.02 Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards
11.03 Machines and equipment for manufacturing rack furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)
11.05 Machines and equipment for manufacturing doors for furniture
11.99.08 Machines and plants for louvres and shutters
11.99.09 Machines and plants for coffins
11.99.10 Machines and plants for shuttering panels
11.99.18 Machines and plants for bed staves / slats
22.02.10 High frequency and microwave equipment (e.g. generators)
22.99.05 Hot platens and heating rods
22.99.06 Press moulds and cylinders for manufacturing moulded parts of chips, fibres, plastics, or for overlaying with solid materials
80.01.05 General contractors for furniture production plants
80.01.06 General contractors for solid wood processing plants
80.01.07 General contractors for plants for manufacturing of wooden construction elements (windows, facades, etc.)
80.01.08 General contractors for timber construction and wooden houses
80.01.09 General contractors for laminate flooring plants
80.01.10 General contractors for solid wood parquetry plants
80.01.11 General contractors for plants for solid wood panel production
95.01.02 Independent engineering and consulting services for veneer and plywood plants
95.01.03 Independent engineering and consulting services for manufacturing of solid coating materials and laminating technology (laminates, films, foils, etc.)
95.01.05 Independent engineering and consulting services for the furniture industry
95.01.07 Independent engineering and consulting services for solid wood processing
95.01.08 Independent engineering and consulting services for windows and facades
95.01.09 Independent engineering and consulting services for timber construction
95.01.10 Independent engineering and consulting services for craft business

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