27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

May 26-29, 2020
Fieramilano Rho fairgrounds, Milan, Italy

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Via Galizia, 12 - Lardaro
Tel: 0039-0465-901945 - Fax: 0039-0465-901959
Website: www.pribo.it
Email: info@pribo.it


Hall: 4 Stand: A29

Production codes

01.02.03 Measuring and registration of sawn timber
01.04.07 Centering and loading equipment
01.07.02 Chipper and chipping mills Flakers for industrial waste wood (slabs, offcuts, etc.) and other materials
01.07.04 Hammermills, beating flakers
01.03.07 Plants for chemical treatment of wood for changing its appearance (e.g. by ammonia, oils etc.)
01.07.01 Crushers for waste materials, e.g. waste wood, demolition wood, used wood products etc. Long log flakers Knife ring flakers for hogged wood and other materials
01.07.07 Conveying and storage equipment for hogged wood chips, fibres, etc.
01.07.10 Sifting / screening equipment
01.07.26 Separating technology
02.03.04 Single and double mitre saws
02.03.06 Single blade circular saws with moving saw unit
02.03.20 Double panel sizing circular sawing machines for parallel and / or squaring cuts, hand feed
01.07.20 Sanding lines
02.02.01 Brushing and cleaning machines for workpieces
02.03.05 Multi-blade trimming circular saws
02.03.07 Single- and multi-blade circular saws for edging or ripping Universal multispindle boring machines, stationary processing
00.04.06 Auxiliary equipment for wood transport, forest machinery and vehicles
01.01.01 Mobile log conveyors
01.01.04 Storage systems for roundwood yards
01.01.06 Sprinkling systems for wet preservation of wood
01.01.08 Rotating log reducers / butt end reducers
00.05.02 Equipment and systems for measuring timber
01.01.03 Stationary conveying devices for roundwood yards
01.01.05 Log sorting stations
01.01.07 Machinery and tools for debarking of roundwood Stationary chain saws Cross-cut circular saws
01.01.11 Metal detectors and removers for roundwood Chipper canters / profiling lines Chipless cutting machines for boards and laminated material Conveyors for sawn timber (roller conveyors / tracks, cross-transfer units, etc.)
01.01.10 Plants for measuring and optimization of roundwood
01.01.12 Tools for marking and labeling of roundwood and logs Chipper- / band saw combinations Timber sorting stations Timber stacking and bundling stations Multispindle boring machines with horizontal and / or vertical heads, stationary processing
02.12.09 Bench- and column-type boring machines Through feed multi-spindle boring machines with horizontal and / or vertical heads
02.23.02 Frame clamps Texturing / brushing machines Cleaning brushes
05.01.10 Cross conveyors
05.01.13 Belt conveyors Driven roller conveyors
05.01.14 Overhead conveyors
05.01.17 Roller stands Trimming lines
11.04.06 Machines for manufacturing cable drums
06.01 Robots for handling, feeding and palleting, etc. Assembly tables
11.07.05 Miter Cutting Guillotines
11.99.14 Machines and plants for matches
11.99.05 Machines and plants for poles, masts, palisades, wood fences
11.99.15 Machines and plants for woodwool
11.99.16 Machines and plants for wood shavings for animal bedding
11.99.17 Machines and plants for wood shingles
18.04 Planing benches, working tables
20.02.08 Hogging knives Stationary hoggers
30.01.03 Chopping machines (slow-speed)
11.99.18 Machines and plants for bed staves / slats
20.02.01 Knives for cutters, cutter heads Pumps and components for vacuum systems Mobile hoggers
30.01.06 Briquetting presses
30.01.07 Wood pelleting presses
31.04.01 Sound-proofing equipment (sound-proofing cabins, etc.)
80.01.01 General contractors for saw mills
80.01.07 General contractors for plants for manufacturing of wooden construction elements (windows, facades, etc.)
80.01.10 General contractors for solid wood parquetry plants
30.02.04 Wood furnaces for generating electrical energy
40.02.01 Workpiece measuring instruments
80.01.06 General contractors for solid wood processing plants
80.01.08 General contractors for timber construction and wooden houses

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