27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

May 26-29, 2020
Fieramilano Rho fairgrounds, Milan, Italy

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Via Emilia Romagna, 24
36015 SCHIO - VI
Tel: 0039-0445-500159 - Fax: 0039-0445-579700
Website: www.bottene.it
Email: bottene@bottene.it


Hall: 2 Stand: K11 L20

Production codes Specialised materials handling technology for optimizing rip saws Specialised materials handling technology for finger jointing lines Specialised materials handling technology for planing lines
05.02.03 Sorting and commissioning systems Processing centres for longitudinal and cross-wise processing of window parts
11.04.05 Machines for manufacturing industrial packing (boxes, etc.)
11.04.06 Machines for manufacturing cable drums
40.02.01 Workpiece measuring instruments
40.02.02 Material testing and fault detection instruments
02.04.12 Finger jointing machines
02.05.01 Machines for cutting finger joints
02.05.02 Glue application systems for finger joints
02.05.03 Finger jointing presses
02.05.04 Finger jointing lines for cross-cutting, cutting finger joints, glue application, pressing, etc.
05.01.04 Stacking and bundling stations
05.01.05 Vacuum lifting equipment
05.01.06 Infeed units
05.01.07 Outfeed and stacking units
05.01.10 Cross conveyors
00.05.02 Equipment and systems for measuring timber
01.01.10 Plants for measuring and optimization of roundwood Cross-cutting saws
02.03.01 Undercut cross-cutting saws Pendulum saws Radial arm saws
02.03.03 Optimizing cross-cutting saws
02.03.06 Single blade circular saws with moving saw unit
02.04.07 Two-side thicknessing planers for surfacing and thicknessing in one operation
02.04.08 Three- and four-side planers
01.07.21 Panel dividing machines
02.04.04 Planing / sawing machines
02.04.05 Planer / sander combinations
02.04.06 Angular-edge surface planers for surfacing and jointing in one operation
02.04.09 Moulding machines for three-and four-side machining
02.04.10 Face milling machines for one and multi-side machining
04.02.01 Nailing machines
05.01.08 Board turning stations
05.01.09 Angle transfer stations
06.01 Robots for handling, feeding and palleting, etc. Trimming lines Special machines for carpenters and building industry
11.02 Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards
11.04.01 Machines and equipment for manufacturing pallets, stationary
11.04.02 Pallets production lines
11.04.03 Machines and equipment for manufacturing packing for vegetables and fruits, stationary
11.04.04 Production lines for manufacturing packing for vegetables and fruits
11.07.04 Single Head Miter Cutting machines
11.07.05 Miter Cutting Guillotines
11.07.06 Automated systems for frame manufacturing
80.01.06 General contractors for solid wood processing plants
80.01.08 General contractors for timber construction and wooden houses
80.01.11 General contractors for plants for solid wood panel production
80.01.07 General contractors for plants for manufacturing of wooden construction elements (windows, facades, etc.)

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