27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

May 26-29, 2020
Fieramilano Rho fairgrounds, Milan, Italy

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Via Ercolano, 14
20900 MONZA - MB
Tel: 0039-039-303073 - Fax: 0039-039-305916
Website: www.colomboeredi.com
Email: ce_italy@colomboeredi.com


Hall: 4 Stand: B52

Production codes

00.02.02 Debarking machines and equipment
01.04.02 Specialised sawing machines for sawing of veneer logs
01.04.04 Veneer slicers
01.04.05 Rotation slicers
01.04.06 Veneer peelers
01.04.07 Centering and loading equipment
01.04.09 Veneer reeling, sorting and offloading equipment
01.04.10 Conveying and storage equipment (magazines) for sliced and peeled veneers Belt dryers Roller dryers
01.06.09 Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport for plywood plants
01.06.10 Conveying and storage equipment for plywood plants
01.07.01 Crushers for waste materials, e.g. waste wood, demolition wood, used wood products etc.
01.07.02 Chipper and chipping mills Flakers for industrial waste wood (slabs, offcuts, etc.) and other materials
01.07.04 Hammermills, beating flakers Multi-daylight presses Single daylight presses
01.07.17 Panel edging machines
01.07.20 Sanding lines
02.01.01 Veneer ironing presses
02.01.02 Veneer cross-cutters Single knife veneer pack shears Double knife veneer pack shears
02.01.07 Machines for glue application on veneer edges
02.01.08 Longitudinal veneer splicers Press / ironing dryers Sliced veneer guillotines Peeled veneer clippers
01.06.01 Jointing machines for peeled veneer
01.06.02 Splicers for peeled veneer
01.06.03 Scarfing lines for peeled veneer
01.06.04 Core stock gluing machines (cutting to length, gluing, pressing, etc.)
01.06.05 Glue spreaders for veneers and boards
01.06.06 Block presses for plywood and laminated veneer lumber
01.06.07 Plywood presses for flat surfaces
02.01.09 Cross-feed veneer splicers
02.01.10 End gluing machines
02.01.11 Machines and equipment for lengthwise joining of veneers (e.g. by means of finger joints)
02.01.13 Equipment for measuring and optimizing of veneers
02.02.02 Glue spreaders for boards / veneers
02.07.04 Double−end profilers / sizing machines for flat parts, e.g. panels
02.16.03 Wide-belt sanders
02.16.05 Veneer sheet sanders
02.16.07 Wide-belt sanders for calibrating and sanding Knife grinding machines for veneer knives (slicing, peeling, clipping) Stationary hoggers
95.01.02 Independent engineering and consulting services for veneer and plywood plants
95.03 Maintenance, repair, installation, de-installation, refurbishing and retrofitting of machines and plants
80.01.02 General contractors for veneer and plywood plants

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