26a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

26th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

8-12 Maggio 2018
May 8-12, 2018

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Description: The Imal-Pal group maintained its position in 2015 as a world leader in the production and supply of complete plants, machinery and innovative systems for the manufacture and processing of particleboard, MDF, OSB, insulation board, pellets and pallet blocks.

Pal will be presenting its new Cleaning Tower at the Xylexpo which is able to clean all kinds of pollutants from the flow of wood chips. This new cleaning technology combines three grading principles: the first being that of demetallization accomplished with highly efficient magnetic systems, the second adopts the principle of aerodynamics, where inert substances are separated from the wood particle flow by a jet of air which removes them on the basis of their density, surface and shape; and lastly the spectrographic principle which optically identifies the spectrum of the wood and all the other contaminants and, by applying jets of compressed air, separates out all the materials which are not wood. With this principle it is also possible to identify black bodies which, despite being unclassified material, may be separated out from the wood.

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Company name: PAL Srl
Address: Via delle Industrie, 6/B
Contacts: Tel: 0039-0422-852300
Fax: 0039-0422-853444
Email: info@pal.it
Web: www.imalpal.com
Pavilion: 2
Stand: Q12

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