26a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

26th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

8-12 Maggio 2018
May 8-12, 2018

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Description: A conveyor carries the wooden material contaminated with metals at
the top of the magnetic separator. The material flow is forced through
two-three opposite Deferrizing Magnetic Drums that separate very
effectively the ferrous material from the stream of wood chips. This
Magnetic Separator is capable of detecting, sorting out and dividing
ferrous materials of a wide range of sizes, from very fine metal dust, to
particles of a few millimetres in size, from metal shavings to pieces of
metal of various centimetres. The effectiveness of separation is ~ 98%.
The machine is encased in a closed carbon steel frame, therefore there
is no spreading of wood and metal dust/material in the surroundings
and where the machinery is installed.
Hereafter follow some examples of ferrous materials separated with our
magnetic separator, already installed at several of our clients’ plants.
Our device can detect with extreme precision tiny bits of nails and screws
included within small pieces of wood.

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