27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

8-12 Maggio 2018
May 8-12, 2018

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Description: The machine has been designed to make a wide range of spiralled pieces starting with a simply sawn piece of practically endless length.
The patented drive unit is of ingenious and simple conception and is the heart of the machine.
The unit is driven by a gear motor which permits selecting desired operating speed.
A set of telescopic and therefore easily extended bushes, makes preparing the machine very fast.
The two fitted heads permit making spiralled pieces with right-hand or left-hand spirals while the pitch can be chosen by replacing the fitted rollers on the drive blocks.
A drawing unit roughs the piece giving it a cylindrical section, while the piece is shaped by two independent and tilting cutting units that can be adjusted lengthways and crossways.
A special support, available in various diameters, eliminates any vibration or piece breakage even during machining of small diameters.
Machine commissioning, operation and maintenance are simple operations and do not require skilled labour.

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Company name: RENZO BORGONOVO Srl
Address: Via Comasina, 125
Contacts: Tel: 0039-0362-901347-8
Fax: 0039-0362-905901
Email: info@borgonovo.com
Web: www.borgonovo.com
Pavilion: 3
Stand: S21

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