26a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

26th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

8-12 Maggio 2018
May 8-12, 2018

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Description: The first Rotatory Precision Sander
a new world of opportunities !!!
Stornello METAL is an innovative professional system for the treatment of flat or slightly curved surfaces made of metal and multiple materials. Stornello revolutionizes the middle-fine sanding on all surfaces exceeding one square meter.
It allows a simple and fast sanding, in total safety, without the risk of damaging the surface. In certain cases, it allows to restore the surface flatness and homogeneity.
Being sanding, comfortable, light and safe, thanks to the structure of the Stornello, also the dispersion of dust and sparks is limited.
The abrasive discs, applied on Stornello, increase their finishing ability and their lifetime.
Applications are:
disc homogeneous satin finishing, polishing, burns and oxidations elimination, old paint removal, flattening and smoothing of small welds and much more.
Technical features:
Motor 230-240 V / 50 Hz
Power 1010 W
Wheels n. 3 removable and replaceable spherical wheels
Sanding disc speed n. 7 speed - 1500 rpm to 3200 rpm
Machine dimensions 30x30x30 cm
Net Weight 4 Kg
Disc size Ø 150 mm

Stornello METAL KIT includes:
complete trolley for transportation
Stornello Metal
flap discs, siatop discs and siasphere discs.
hard foam backing disc
XX Hard backing disc
safety and protection equipment

ExhibitorExhibitor sheet

Company name: KUNZLE & TASIN SrL
Address: Via Cajkovskij, 14
Contacts: Tel: 0039-02-66040930
Fax: 0039-02-66013445
Email: info@kunzletasin.com
Web: www.kunzletasin.com
Pavilion: 2
Stand: U04

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