27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

26-29 Maggio 2020
Fieramilano Rho

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Descrizione: Increasing the edge life while reducing the noise is, as in the previous years, the aim to be achieved for sizing cuts! Therefore the previous PowerTec III has been redesigned and is now called PowerTec airFace! The principle of a pre-hogging cutting edge and a finish-cut tooth on one wing remains unchanged and allows feeds of up to 100/min. Even in the future, a uniform cutting width over the entire tool life can be guaranteed!

Optimum noise reduction
The noise during the cutting process is generated by air turbulences around the tool and the vibrations which are caused by the contact of the hoggers with the panel. The projecting edges of the PowerTec III have been consequently rounded and, in addition, the tooth pitch has been varied. The new LEUCO airFace design which is also used for jointing cutters canalizes the air on the tool sides during rotation to reduce air turbulences. This ensures a smoother and quieter running of the complete system "tool during processing" both during processing and when idling.

For a very long edge life
Hoggers are used in modern and industrial furniture production. The automated through-feed machines record the running meters of a tool whether used for serial production or for the production of individual parts and can therefore make transparent the efficiency of the tools that are used. By using the new cutting edge profile of the new PowerTec airFace, LEUCO customers will achieve an increased edge life of up to 15% compared to the previous version.

For a long time now, the LEUCO PowerTec III hogger has been one of the most in-demand hoggers on the market in the industrial furniture production! The new airFace version will become a part of this squad and replace the previous version PowerTec III!

This cutter is recommended by LEUCO when perfect cutting quality and long tool life is required, for instance for use with hard and sensitive high-gloss materials. The cutter can be used starting with a workpiece thickness of 8 mm.

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