27a Biennale mondiale delle tecnologie per la lavorazione del legno e dei componenti per l'industria del mobile

27th Biennial world exhibition for woodworking technology and components for the furniture industry

26-29 Maggio 2020
Fieramilano Rho

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Descrizione: LEUCO has always been striving to integrate core features of successful developments into standard tools in order to enable its customers to achieve even more positive effects and results in their daily machining operations. The development of the LEUCO p-System with its extremely large shear angle of 70° was such a revolutionary development. The LEUCO patent includes all tools with shear angles of 55° and more.

LEUCO will present a new program in the area of standard DP tools. All tools now have significantly higher shear angles.

The DP shank-type cutter basic program with larger shear angles for longer edge life, higher quality and manifold application possibilities

The benefit for our customers:
• Performance improvement compared with the previously achieved edge life
• Improved processing quality in both the trimming cut and finishing areas
• A wider range of materials that can be machined with each tool

The proven DIAMAX series Z=2+2 has become the new DIAREX Z=2+2. After repeated customer requests, the program has been enlarged by several shank-type cutters with a cutting diameter D16 mm and by shank-type cutters with a cutting length of 65 mm. In the future, the cutters will have a shear angle that is up to 40% higher.

For the high-performance DP cutters Z=3+3, the increase is in the same range.

The Z=5+5 flagship for highest feed rates is now delivered with a 25-mm cutting diameter. Again, the edges are angled by a few degrees more.

The customer now also benefits from a 48° shear angle with the high-performance trimming cutter program Z=4+2+4, which includes milling cutters in four different cutting widths in the range of 22 to 48 mm.

The positive feedback so far on the new products shows that the new program has become very well established.

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