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  • Xylexpo also has a training aspect. There are many architects and professional schools who join the event to update themselves on new technologies; the exhibiting companies themselves invite professionals operators from their area as stated by Marianna Daschini - CEO of the Greda company.

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    Xylexpo is also a matter of image. For many SME’s  this is the best opportunity to present their products to the international customers. For Maggi, the value of the event is also tradition, as demonstrated by the 50 years of attendance at our event.

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    Italy is the fourth largest furniture manufacturer in the world and represents a very high potential market for all foreign producers of woodworking technology.

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    There is a lot of talk around Xylexpo, despite these difficult times, so here is one of the many interviews with Xylexpo People, underlining the several values shared around this Italian event and particularly around Milan, business capital and design leader.

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